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Cocoa-beach Vacation Home VS Hotels

Why Cocoa Beach Vacation Homes are Better Than Hotels

When you decide to travel to sunny Florida, it’s important to look at accommodations. Cocoa Beach positions you beautifully along the Atlantic Coast. This gives you access to amazing beaches, constant surf, watersports and a long list of vacation homes in cocoa beach fl. Knowing why Cocoa Beach vacation homes are better than hotels is of the utmost importance.

You want to enjoy yourself while in the city. Whether it’s for weeks or months, a vacation home offers you a better overall experience.

You Will be More Comfortable

One of the first things to think about with accommodations is the comfort. Many hotels offer a room that is less than 300 square feet. Particularly when you are traveling with multiple people, this is not enough space.

This means you have to look at how you’re going to be more comfortable. More space is the best way to achieve this. Cocoa Beach vacation homes could be 1,000 square feet or more. This allows you to have individual bedrooms, closet space, a living room, and other areas. Everyone has the potential to spread out.

You also have to look at what’s included within each of the properties. A hotel room is typically occupied by a different person every night. With a vacation home, it might be rented by the same person for months at a time. This means the furnishings are going to endure less wear and tear.

1285 Potomac Dr Hot-TubSome of the vacation homes might have private pools, saunas, and more. This means there’s no need to share hotel amenities with the 100+ other people who have chosen the same hotel. They offer comfort at every turn and that’s important when you’re looking to have a relaxing vacation.

Vacation Homes are More Cost Effective

You’re going to save a lot of money with a vacation home in comparison to what you would pay at a hotel. The reality is that there are a lot of things you pay for at a hotel that you don’t really need. This includes such things as:
24/7 concierge
Daily housekeeping
On-site business center

There are plenty of hotel chains up and down the beach. They all offer something different. However, you’re typically not going to use all of what they have to offer. This means you’re wasting your money. $200+ a night is a lot of money and you have to think about what you’re really getting for it.

When you take advantage of vacation homes in Cocoa Beach, you pay by the month. With the ability to house multiple people in one home, it’s also possible to split the cost with another couple (or family). Suddenly, your accommodations are even more affordable. This allows you to stay in the city for longer. There’s plenty to keep you busy, so all you have to do is decide what you want to do.

A Full Kitchen Allows You Do to Do Some Cooking

Chain and family-owned restaurants alike are sprinkled throughout Cocoa Beach. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fresh seafood, Mexican fare, and more. However, it gets expensive to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With a vacation home, it’s possible to do some of your own cooking. All of the homes have a fully-equipped kitchen, complete with pots and pans. This allows you to go grocery shopping to get in some supplies. The longer you stay in Cocoa Beach, the more affordable this option becomes.

If you do any fishing while in town, you might even want to bring home your catch to cook it – and that’s only an option that you have with a vacation home – not a hotel.

Whether you get fancy and make omelets every morning and a four-course dinner every night or opt for items that go into the toaster and microwave, it’s a far cry cheaper than spending your money at the many restaurants around town. It frees up more money for you to explore the entire Atlantic Coast, including Daytona, the Kennedy Space Center, and more.

There’s More Privacy Offered in a Vacation Home

You will quickly find that a vacation home in Cocoa Beach provides you with a lot more privacy than a hotel, too. If you have ever been upset with kids running up and down the halls late at night or being close to an elevator where you hear everyone coming and going, that’s gone.

A vacation home is a single-family home. You get your own keys and get to come and go as you please. There’s no one next to you or above you to make noise.

Many of the homes are two, three, and four bedrooms, too. This gives you the privacy to put everyone in their own rooms. You don’t have to squeeze two cots in between two double beds just to accommodate the whole family.

In the end, you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest while in Cocoa Beach. For this to happen, you have to make a good decision on your accommodations. Vacation homes are significantly better than hotels because of the space, the privacy, and the options available to save money.

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