Kelly Park Merritt Island Florida

Kelly Park Banana River Drive Merritt Island Florida

Currently, the Kelly Park receives more than 200, 000 visitors every year; hence is one of the most popular parks in the Merritt Island Florida region. The popularity associated with this park may be attributed to the many attractions and amenities it has to offer, including boat ramps and docks, expansive parking lots for boat trailers and cars, grills, restaurants, a scenic lagoon, a fishing pier, and boardwalk. Owing to its popularity, Kelly Park Merritt Island Florida hosts a large number of visitors—especially in summer and during holidays. Also, you should read this post About Vacationing in Cocoa Beach. lots to see and do in this area.

During such days, the park is normally filled to capacity a few hours to mid-morning. Currently, there is a maximum number of visitors who can be allowed into the park every day. This capping was introduced in order to offer a unique recreational experience and preserve natural beauty within the park at the same time. If you are looking forward to exploring the scenic beauty and partake in various recreational activities in this park during your vacation, you should consider booking early. Kelly Park has many attractions to offer you during your vacation, some of which are described below.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

In addition to its close proximity to Port Canaveral, this park boasts of several animals and plant species. In this regard, you should consider visiting the Merritt National Wildlife Refuge while visiting the park. The refuge is about 140000 acres large and is home to numerous bird and wildlife species. if you are looking forward to exploring the various bird species, you should visit the reserve between autumn and spring. This is a period when more than 350 bird species fly across the reserve during their annual migration. Additionally, the park has more than 1,000 plant species and is bustling with wildlife throughout the year.

The Kennedy Space Center

Next to the wildlife reserve is the Kennedy Space Center–another place you should consider visiting during your vacation in the park. Not only is this the only functioning space shuttle site in the country, but also features a rich history and an array of attractions. Some of the attractions offered by the center include IMAX movies, which are screened in the Visitor Complex. If your child is taller than 44 inches, he or she will have the opportunity to experience the Shuttle Launch Experience. This is offered through a motion simulator ride for the kids.

A Series of Breathtaking Activities

If you love canoeing, kayaking, camping, biking or hiking, this is the place to be whenever you are on a vacation. The park has camping sites that exclusively set aside for this purpose. Not only is this area spacious enough for individuals as well as families, but is also well shaded.

Each of the camping sites in this park has electricity and clean water for you to use while camping. Additionally, the park has a dump station towards one of its ends. The camping ground is well positioned for convenient access and easy walk as well as well enough to muffle the rumbling sound of the spring.

The launch site for kayaking and canoeing activities along the Rock Spring is situated just outside the park at Kings Landing—a private livery. It is at this launch site that you can rent kayaks and canoes to puddle down the spring and through the park. This activity will offer you the thrill of sailing down the stream as well as offer you the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the park first hand as you paddle down the stream—all the way to its end at the Wekiva Island marina.

At the end of your 8.5-miles kayaking or canoeing, you will be picked by a shuttle bus back to your starting point. For hiking enthusiasts, the park has splendid hiking trails within the park. Although some of the trails have soft sand, they are perfect for biking as well. With such a wide array of activities to offer, you will definitely find something fun to do during your vacation in the park.

While there are several parks in the Merritt Island Florida region, the Kelly Park Merritt Island Florida is one of the best. This may be attributed to the vast range of scenic attractions, exciting activities for children as well as grown-ups and an assortment of quality services and amenities. Whether you will be alone or would like to bring your family along, this is one of the places you should consider visiting during your vacation.

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