Experience Rocket Launch while Visiting Cocoa beach

Have you ever experience a rocket launch or visited the Kennedy Space Center? If you are staying in the area, you should check the Launch Schedule so you can witness one of these events. As a visitor to the area, you may never get another chance.

Space enthusiasts come from far and wide to witness these events. I spoke to someone that made the long trip down from Jacksonville Florida. They crown every vantage point possible by the hundreds. The park along the route #528 leading to Port Canaveral, you can see them by the hundreds on Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral beaches.

The real hard-core space buffs will drive to Titusville and go to Playalinda Beach. They tell me that it is the best vantage point. If you want to find out when is the next launch go to NASA Launch Schedule | Rocket Launches
These launch events remind me of sex. You get this huge hype and buildup of people and excitement. Some of them bring along portable and transistor radios to get a ball by ball commentary of the launch.

If the weather is cooperating and all the elements are correct it happens. The whole event of the space launch takes about five minutes, the rocket goes up, within two or three minutes it’s out of site and everyone cleans up and goes home. It’s like a ritual and it happens for every space launch.

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